The best 11 tips for Shaking off your extra pounds!

Whether we are in the post-holiday period or a pre-summer one , people keep obsessing about losing weight and having the perfected look!

The secret to losing your extra kilos is NOT accomplished by stopping eating. When you stop eating, your body burns less calories. This is when your metabolic rate starts decreasing. Meaning that you will enter your body into a viscous circle of a gradually diminished amount of food. When you become part of this bad habit, you will reach a minimal amount of allowed food, which is very unhealthy and can have negative health impacts. I am sure you have seen dozens of unhealthy skinny people.

The best way to lose weight is by having a well-balanced diet that provides you with all needed daily nutrients. Here are some tips:

1- Drink, 2 to 3 cups a day, of fluids such as water, fresh juices, tea and herbal infusions.

2- Stay away completely from Mayonnaise, butter and fried food.

3- Chocolate? You can still have one bar per week. Ditch the fried potato chips and candies.

4- Eat several small meals per day (4 to 5 meals/snacks)

5- Eat slowly and allow your brain to know when you are full before you take too much food in.

6- Eat whole grains especially oat breads.

7-It is about time you start preparing legumes rich food such as bean soup, bean casserole…

8- Avoid Diet Sodas!

9- Eat 3 fruits per day. Any fruit is ok!!!

10- Replace your dinner (5 times a week) with a bowl of soup or a plate of salad. Your soup or salad should have proteins in it like chicken or beans for the soup, and eggs or chicken/crab/shrimps for your salad. Watch out for dressings in salad: pick a light vinaigrette or a lemon/oil.

11- Take a day off every week.

While following these tips, Your extra weight will disappear in no time! Make sure you keep yourself active: jumping ropes, climbing stairs, dancing….

If you afford it, make sure you add to your lifestyle both the lymphatic draining and modeling massages. These are a great value to your health!

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