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Aphrodisiac Foods: Are they real, Types, Fo...

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When two people develop feelings towards each other, things start escalating until they reach the libido level. We keep hearing about this term but what

Salmonella Infection: definition, symptoms,...

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Salmonella is the most common cause of food illness. It is a highly invasive bacterium and can very easily spread. The optimal temperature for the Salmonella to

The best 11 tips for Shaking off your extra...

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Whether we are in the post-holiday period or a pre-summer one , people keep obsessing about losing weight and having the perfected look! The secret

Men: Eat this to Live Forever!

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And who doesn’t enjoy a good meal? Whether it is eaten at home or at a good restaurant, nobody can say No.  In general, men

Slimming Surgeries

Slimming Surgeries: Are they Really Dangero...

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Within the era changes in the world of beauty comes the booming of Slimming Surgeries! Whom among us have had the exact weight over the