General Health

H1N1 Virus: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments, Prevention and at Home care

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H1N1 Virus: what is it? Influenza viruses are small viruses that affect humans and animals like birds and pigs (swine). When the influenza effects swine,

Sinusitis: Definition, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Risk Factors, Prevention and Treatments

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Sinusitis definition: what is it? Comes Winter and Cold weather and comes with it the epidemic of cold and viruses, which can extend all the

3D Printed Organs: When will they become available? How close are we?

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We live in an ever-evolving world. One day you hear of a small disturbance, the other day they confirm that it was solved and hence

Hypertension: Definition, Guidelines, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Medications and Natural Treatment

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Hypertension Definition and Guidelines Hypertension is defined as unusually elevated blood pressure. In other words, it is the power of your blood thrusting in opposition

Salmonella Infection: definition, symptoms, causes, and how to prevent Salmonella at Home.

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Salmonella is the most common cause of food illness. It is a highly invasive bacterium and can very easily spread. The optimal temperature for the Salmonella to

healthy life and natural health

Healthy Life: How can we get there, Guidelines and Tips! Simple as ABC

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Having a healthy life means being well-balanced physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Some sources define it as the status of being disease-free. Health is what

Latest Health News

China and the healthcare system: is privatization the next best thing? what is Tahoe doing?

For a country whose population has reached 1.4 billion, it was about time for China

diarrheal diseases

Diarrheal Diseases and their Global Impact

Diarrheal diseases are caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites. They are transmitted by contaminated water

unintentional injuries

Why are Unintentional Injuries a Global Burden?

Injuries are the acute transfer of energy whether mechanical, thermal, electrical, chemical or radiation.  Dr.

open stove and indoor pollution

Indoor Pollution!Is your home stove healthy & safe?

One of the major environmental related issues is indoor air pollution. This pollution can be

Men Health

Men: Eat this to Live Forever!

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And who doesn’t enjoy a good meal? Whether it is eaten at home or at a good restaurant, nobody can say No.  In general, men are more of eaters than

9 Reasons why men should eat walnuts daily!

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With all the food surrounding us, it can be difficult to identify what are the best options for us and which food can help us keep a good health. Both

Women's Health

breast implants safety

How safe are Breast Implants Surgeries? You will be Surprised!

Jan 04, 2018No Comments

We live in a world dominated by an obsession of one’s looks. While many truly believe in wellness and just natural medicine to living one’s

Breast Implants: Types, Costs, Techniques, Recovery, and Maintenance.

Breast Implants: Types, Costs, Techniques, Recovery, and Maintenance.

Dec 20, 2017No Comments

Living in the twenty-first century, one cannot deny the enormous medical advances that the world accomplished. While medicine is a dominant force and we started

Natural Medicine

Kombucha Tea: What is it, Health Benefits and Questions Answered!

Jun 13, 2018No Comments

While the entire world is focused on the health benefits of teas, a new kind is becoming the new hit: the Kombucha Tea! This drink

Aphrodisiac Foods: Are they real, Types, Food list, different for men and women? Throw your Libido through the Roof!

Jun 02, 2018No Comments

When two people develop feelings towards each other, things start escalating until they reach the libido level. We keep hearing about this term but what

kidney stones

Kidney Stones: 6 Natural Healing Remedies!

Dec 10, 2017No Comments

What are Kidney Stones? Kidneys are one of the most important organs in our body as they are in charge of elimination and cleansing. Some

Black Seeds and Health benefits

Black Seeds:9 Amazing Health Benefits you never imagined!

Jun 25, 2017No Comments

Throughout the ancient civilizations, herbs and spices have long been under the microscope for what they offer of health benefits. Black seeds derive from a plant

sunflower seeds

Sunflower Seeds: How Safe are their 6 Powerful Disease-Fighting Constituents!

Jun 12, 2017No Comments

With the world redirecting its attention towards natural foods, it would be very wise to explore the numerous surprising health benefits of sunflower seeds. Whether

beets health benefits

Beets: 5 Health Reasons why you should eat them!

Jun 06, 2017No Comments

Beets! Who hasn’t noticed that red pulpy vegetable that lingers at the grocery stores almost all winter and spring season! Some like to have it

breast implants safety

Reverse Aging and Stay Young: Tips, Food to eat and Food to avoid

Feb 07, 2017No Comments

When you are healthy and making the right life choices, you can prevent and reverse aging. A perfectly healthy body starts with the consumption of

avocado. figs. magnesium. health

Magnesium: Memorize these 9 food for an optimal health!

Jan 10, 2017No Comments

Every one of us must have heard about the numerous benefits of magnesium. This super mineral with the wide range of healthy properties. While some

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