Aphrodisiac Foods: Are they real, Types, Food list, different for men and women? Throw your Libido through the Roof!

When two people develop feelings towards each other, things start escalating until they reach the libido level. We keep hearing about this term but what is it? Libido is the more complicated terminology of sex drive. It is the person’s desire to engage in a sexual act with a person he or she feels connected to. This drive is affected by many factors including biological, psychological and even social factors. If you have been experiencing a low libido, you may want to keep reading. What you might not already know is that food has a big influence on your sex drive. Such food are called aphrodisiac foods.

Aphrodisiac Foods: Are They Real?

We keep hearing about those kinds of food that have the ability to boost our sex drive; but, are these real? do they exist or are they just myths? Well, studies do suggest the positve effect aphrodisiac foods have on both our body and mind. So, in other words, they are real and they do boost our sex drive. Both men and women experience some kind of sexual low down at some point of their lives. Some could be due to lacking any emotional connection with their partner, not being attracted to them, not being interested in the act itself, or taking some medications that could affect the drive. Also, age plays a role in having a lower libido.

As for aphrodisiac foods, these exist and have been used by many to improve their sex drive while keeping steer of medications and the blue pill. These food do stimulate you in many ways. They stimulate your love senses such as your sight, smell, taste and even touch. So, you’d better want to check the list of these food and stack on them.

Aphrodisiac Foods: there are 5 types through history!

These kinds of food can be divided into five different categories. Here they are:

1- The kind of food that are hot! These are the kinds that warm up your mouth and creates some kind of a moisture. Think Chilli or curry! Since a long time ago, they were considered to lead to a heated passion. On the other hand, cold food such as lettuce is looked at as the food that will tame down your fire.

2- The food choices that look like your reproductive organs. These are the ones that look like your sexual organs. These were considered, since the old ages, as the perfect stimulants. We are talking about oysters some fruits, and root veggies.

3- Surprisingly enough, the third category is the hypothesis of reproduction. This means eggs, fish roe (caviar), some animal organs like goat balls. These were used by ancient civilizations in the far east as the tools to boost your sexual desire.

4- What is exotic, will lead to erotic. We are talking about exotic and rare foods. At least, this is what our ancestors used to think.

5- Senses stimulants. These are the types of food that stimulate our senses and boost up our passion.

Aphrodisiac foods list: The top food options!

Did you know that food can have an influence how your evening might turn out to be? Here are the top 13 aphrodisiac food that will definitely take you to the moon and back!

1- Pomegranate: It is very rich in antioxidants which helps improve blood circulation. In addition, it is the natural treatment of erectile dysfunction.

2- Guava: Rich in Vitamin C, helps improving blood circulation and a lasting passion.

3- Chilli pepper: Rich in capsaicin, it increases the release of endorphins, increases the heart rate, stimulates the heart and increases the body temperature.

4- Cardamon: Rich in Cineole, it surely is a top notch aphrodisiac.

5- Pumpkin Seeds: it is very rich in zinc & essential fatty acids, which will unleash your sexual feelings.

6- Gogi berry: found in southeast Asia, these are the super powerful aphrodisiac! They increase testosterone and sperm production, boost arousal and help improve your mood.

7- Garlic: it is rich in a component called “Allicin” which helps regulate the flow of blood to the sexual organs. It is a strong aphrodisiac and prevents sexual fatigue.

8- Salmon: Rich in Omega-3, helps increase the response to arousal.

9- Avocado: High in Monounsaturated Fatty Acids, it can help boost the energy and leads to proper testosterone production.

10- Ginseng: This is the root of desire! it helps stabilizing the hormone levels which will help induce sexual attraction.

11- Asparagus: In addition to its histamine properties, it is rich in potassium, thiamine, folic acid, Vitamins A, C and E.

12- Banana: very rich in Vitamin B6, helps regulating hormone and serotonin secretion. It also helps feeling euphoria.

13- Ginger: It increases your heart rate and your body temperature &spices up your sexual life.

14- Bivalves: Of course, who doesn’t know scallops, mussels, and clams. These contain two different kinds of amino acods that help both men and women produce more sex hormones. While they have an extreme effect on your libido and sex life, the catch is that you will have to eat them raw. Cooking them will change their power.

15- Tofu: Nobody can imagine that soy-based food can actually boost both your arousal and sexual stamina. However, there are some controversies about this food option and more studies and observations need to be done. what is sure is that soy beans can act as natural birth control pills for women.

16- Almonds: While people might opt for a great steak and some potatoes as a good dinner before a romantic night, you may want to think twice about your option. Thinking nuts and plant based proteins is the right way of thinking. Almonds boosts your blood circulation all over your body and in your sexual organs. There are several ways to have these nuts.

17- Maca Powder: This powder is made from a plant that originated from South America. People has been using this plant in soups and salads as well as smoothies. Studies have been linking this maca to an increased libido level and is now ranked as a top food for your sexual life and overall health.

18- Olive oil: This amazing oil does surprise everyone by its amazing health benefits and medicinal effects. It is high in monounsaturated fatty acids that does help the perfect flow of blood. This means that you will have more energy and a better overall blood circulating all throughout your body and sex organs. It can help you get aroused.

Aphrodisiac Foods and Wine Pairing: Can you have them together?

While wine is somehow considered as a desire booster, this statement can be overrated. Too much wine can mess up your sex drive and mood. As a matter of fact, some even consider wine to be a sex depressant. So, wine is not just a driver’s enemy when consumed in large amounts; but, also, a lover’s enemy!


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