9 Reasons why men should eat walnuts daily!

With all the food surrounding us, it can be difficult to identify what are the best options for us and which food can help us keep a good health. Both men and women have different dietary needs.

Most written articles talk about what women should eat, but what about what men need? So much to talk about.

One Super food need to be under the spotlight: the Walnut (“JOZ” in arabic).

Every man should eat 6 to 7 walnuts on a daily basis, here is why:

1- It lowers the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) and increases the levels of good cholesterol (HDL), keeping your heart and arteries healthy.

2- It lowers the risk of having a stroke

3- It protects you from colon and prostate cancer

4- It slows down aging

5- It is an excellent antioxidant therefore helps fighting inflammations and neurological diseases

6- It can be considered as a detox to your body as it helps getting rid of free radicals causing illnesses and diseases

7- It is packed with minerals and vitamins such as Folate, B vitamins Iron, Calcium, zinc, Vitamin E (every 100g of walnuts provides you with more than what you need daily)

8- It improves your memory

9- It protects against Alzheimer and dementia

Bottom line, men you should start shopping for these walnuts.

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  1. In short it prevents men from going nuts !

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