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Healthy Life: How can we get there, Guidelines and Tips! Simple as ABC

Having a healthy life means being well-balanced physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. Some sources define it as the status of being disease-free. Health is what us as human beings strive for. We are encouraged throughout our lives to keep our bodies disease free so we can live longer and enjoy our years. The truth is when you are healthy; you have the mental and psychological ability to achieve more things. This will make you happy and more satisfied with who you are! It is easy to want to be healthy; but, how is it achieved? What do we need to do to reach this “Healthy” state.

Healthy Life: Keep your mind going.

It is a challenge that you need to keep working on. Keep reading and learning new things to stay mentally active. Solving crosswords and Sudoku can help too. Don’t save all your information on your smartphone, try to memorize few phone numbers, and some of your passwords. To keep your mind going, you can also take a walk many times a day and reflect on what you are noticing around you. Another way to keep your mind alert id to try something new like trying a new kind of food or taking a different route for your destination, visiting a new country or even changing your preferred stores. It would never hurt to do a puzzle every once in a while. You may want to engage in conversations with different people, this will help you widen your knowledge and critical thinking skills.

Stay active for a healthy life.

A fit person is a healthy person. When you exercise, you keep a good blood circulation in your body. You also help your body get rid of all toxins. From another angle, it helps building your muscles and dissipates your excess fat. Choose an exercising plan that fits your lifestyle so you can be able to carry on with it on the long term. Our entire body is created to be used. Think of it as a car that needs to keep running otherwise it will start having problems and hence will require a lot of fixing. when you do not use your body the right way by living unhealthy, you are putting yourself at risks of illnesses.

studies show that when you exercise or live an active life, you are lowering your risks of having cardiovascular diseases. You are also preventing aging and even reversing it. You will have a better balance and flexibility as well stronger bones.

For those who might have low self-esteem or anxiety, staying active is their best shot at eradicating these feelings while enhancing their mood. It can help you monitor your weight; and, help people with arthritis keep performing their daily activities. What you need to know is that it is never too late and you are never too old. To put your kids on the right path, encourage them to play outside. If you are above the age of 50, and you never exercised, you need to take it slow and make sure you are doing the right workout for your body.

Understand your emotions.

This will help you keep calm when you are boiling of anger from the inside. It will also help you understand the circumstances of people around you. You will then master relationships with your relatives, friends and colleagues. Keep tract of stressful situations that you encounter on a daily basis. Try relaxing techniques such as meditation, breathing, yoga, massage therapy, and reflexology among many others.

Keep positive & loving people in your close circle of trust.

Don’t befriend mean people that keep harming you. They will only keep pushing you down and restricting your goals and success. They will affect you emotionally and psychologically in a negative way. When you are in a restricting relationship, you will end up going with the flow of things even when you are depriving yourself from happiness. People who love you push you toward succeeding. They want you to be happy and will do everything to keep you happy.

Don’t take medications everytime you feel something is wrong.

Medications are not magic pills that you need to indulge on everytime you have the chance to do so.

Healthy life means Eat healthy.

Having a well-balanced diet can help you maintain a healthy body. Having a little bit of everything on a daily basis can keep you fit and healthy. Don’t overeat proteins and legumes, it will only create a heavy load on your kidneys. Have a variety of food within a week, even within the same group of food. Eating healthy should start from young age. When you get your kids used to picking the right choices, you are building a healthy adult. Here are a few tips to eating well:

1- Make sure you are having three meals per day with two snacks.

2- Resort to fruits and veggies as well as whole grains and low-fat dairy as your main source of food.

3- When you pic meat, choose the lean cuts and lean towards fish adn chicken.

4- Stay close to food that are high in Omega-3 and Monounsaturated fatty acids.

5- Make sure you are eating the right amount for you.

6- Stay away from sodas and sugary drinks.

7- Eat light before sleeping to avoid reflux.

8- Eat light when the weather is too hot.

9- Cook food very weel to kill any possible hamrful bacteria.

Have a goodnight sleep, every day!

As a matter of fact, a study showed that people who sleep little, have a tendency to eat way more than people who have good sleeping patterns. So to be healthy, you need to have a goodnight sleep, daily! According to the CDC, people above the age of 18 years need around seven to nine hours of sleep. People who are advanced in age also need that much sleep; but, they might end up having an interrupted sleep. So, they would have to take naps throughout the days.

Limit your life vices.

Don’t smoke and overdrink! Don’t do drugs! Don’t enroll in fighting! Don’t drive fast! Don’t seek excessive thrilling behaviors! Don’t have unsafe sex!

One of the major preventative diseases in the world is tobacco use. You have to stop smoking right now. Did you know that it wil take about 15 years for a smoker who stopped smoking to go back to the normal level of heart risks. Also, forget about resorting to chewable tobacco, they are very risky. Some people have been vaping thinking that it is a safe practice; but, it is not!

When you drink alcohol, you need to think of two major points. First, are you drinking moderately to stay healthy or you are having it in excess in such a way to damage your liver? Second, is the alcohol you are drinking the good type and brand of alcoholl? While a glass of wine can be great for the heart, one has to watch his alcohol levels.

Having risky sex can lead to many STD’s such as gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, and even HIV. A risky sexual behavior means that you are having a lot of partners, or have a partner who has a history of drug use or STD. You need to know your partner and his ways. You also need to use a condom at all time. More than 50% of Hepatitis B illnesses are transmitted sexually.

Other risy behaviors that could prevent you from having a healthy life are:

1- Driving while drunk

2- Driving Fast or driving while sleepy

3- Riding a motorcycle without a helmet

4- Smoking in bed

5- Owning a firearm without proper training

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