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Immune Function, Nutrition, and Exercise – ScienceDirect

We all know the health benefits of exercising; but, do we really know how effective it is on our body and overall health? It is no surprise that exercise can boost our immune functions. But, it is not what you think! The link between exercise and immune system is tricky!

Exercise can help your health

If you want to feel better and add years to your life, you have to establish a regular working out regimen. Exercise can help you control your weight, prevent high blood pressure, improve your mood, and boost your energy levels.

Exercise can help you sleep

From another angle, helps you sleep better: fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night. You will be able to have a deep sleep.

Exercise boosts your sex life

When it comes to your sexual life, exercising routinely can help boost your libido and enhance arousal. Studies show that men who exercise routinely rarely experience erectile dysfunction.

Exercise and your Immune system: ALERT!

“Exercise can modify both innate and acquired immune function by increasing the number and efficacy of circulating leukocytes and the secretion of hormones and cytokines from metabolic tissues.

Daily exercise of moderate intensity improves immune function, which in turn decreases the incidence of upper respiratory tract infections, cancer, and inflammation-related diseases.

The “open-window” theory states that strenuous/prolonged exercise transiently suppresses immune function and may increase the risk of some illnesses.”

Source: Immune Function, Nutrition, and Exercise – ScienceDirect

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