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Dr. Sandra El Hajj is a health professional specialized in Preventive and Global Health from the United States of America.Live well and healthy with Dr. Sandra El Hajj

With her 12 years of education obtained from one of the most prominent universities in Beirut, in addition to two leading universities in the State of Florida (USA), Dr. Sandra made sure to incorporate interdisciplinary and multicultural approaches in her work. Her long years of studies helped her create her own miniature world of knowledge linking together the healthcare field with Medical Research, Statistics, Food Technology, Environmental & Occupational Health, Preventive Health and most noteworthy her precious last degree of Global Health. Till today, she is the first and only doctor specialized in Global Health in the Middle East area.

Dr. Sandra is a goal oriented professional with an inspiring mix between flexibility and stubbornness to reaching any set end point. She believes that a successful person is the one who puts a certain goal, no plans but keeps shifting the environment to reach this goal and create additional ones along the way.

Author of three internationally published books, Dr. Sandra is working on 3 new books foreseen to be out within 2017. She was the recipient of an “Award of Excellence” in 2009 from Florida, and an award of appreciation for her work on improving kids health in The United Arab Emirates. Dr. Sandra believes in the role of education in improving individuals’ health status and their quality of life.

She has been implicated in several international health reform activities such as the prevention of asthma for kids in Miami as well as the development of a comprehensive National Maternal Infant Health Policy (2011) for the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health. From another angle, she developed a national pediatrics campaign in Dubai & Abu Dhabi consisting of educational videos, presentations, and publications to help mothers and healthcare professionals in the UAE understand the basics of a healthy baby and child.

“I strongly trust that every person on this earth wants to have the proper knowledge to live a healthier longer life, away from any sickness. In many countries, this preventive health education is very minimal; which leaves the healthy individual stranded and the patient torn between the different opinions of each doctor. It is really confusing not to understand what is wrong with you, whether you were well-diagnosed, explained right your symptoms, or  your treatment was the best choice for you. It is time for every individual to make well-informed health decisions.” Dr. Sandra El Hajj

With an accumulated work experience of 14 years between Lebanon, Miami and the Gulf, Dr. Sandra doesn’t believe in boundaries. She has established, in 2011, a regional preventive health awareness initiative in Lebanon and the Gulf area entitled “STAY SAFE WITH DR. SANDRA” that is a group of health campaigns: printed magazine& newsletters, blog, regional events, conferences, …

In 2015, Dr. Sandra started a new idea to make sure people are getting the health education they need and seek. “Live Healthy, Happy, and Well~ with Dr. Sandra El Hajj” is a new concept that brings together modern medicine with naturopathy and ancient alternative healing methods. This twist will saturate your knowledge about how to live a long happy healthy life. It consists of this website and social media pages.

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“I am moving forward, passionate about my mission and confident about my ways.”


Having a disease free world!


1- HEALTH EDUCATION: I believe that every person is curious about his body and health. They just don’t know what is the best source of knowledge for them.

2- PROMOTING HEALTH AND PREVENTING DISEASES: By enlightening the public population about health and diseases, we can help preventing a large number of sicknesses! This will increase their years of life and decrease their YPLL (Years of potential Life Lost)

3- REDUCING MEDICAL ERRORS: It is essential that patients are aware of diseases including their risk factors, diagnostic tools and possible treatments. When they understand about how the human body works, they can explain more their symptoms & participate with their doctor in decision making.

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