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COVID-19: The 8 Ways to Keep Your Lungs Cle...

Apr 01, 2020No Comments

Now that the COVID-19 has spread all over the world, people from every corner have already heard about it. Media has been busy sharing the

Dr. Sandra El Hajj

COVID-19: The 9 most Effective Ways to Boos...

Mar 14, 2020No Comments

The most effective way to fight COVID-19 is by boosting your immune system and detoxing your body. Check tips 4, 8 and 9!

The Chinese Coronavirus (COVID-19): 8 Impor...

Feb 23, 20201 Comment

A new Coronavirus is spreading globally. Is it as simple as a flu? How can you protect yourself?

H1N1 Virus: Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatments...

Apr 09, 2019No Comments

H1N1 Virus: what is it? Influenza viruses are small viruses that affect humans and animals like birds and pigs (swine). When the influenza effects swine,

Sinusitis: Definition, Symptoms, Diagnosis,...

Jun 07, 2018No Comments

Sinusitis definition: what is it? Comes Winter and Cold weather and comes with it the epidemic of cold and viruses, which can extend all the

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