Kids and Teens Health

Our children are the most treasured people in our life. Keeping them healthy and safe is our most sacred responsibility. This page will offer two sections. Each section will feature the most important topics that will help you. Our Kids and Teens Health is the basis of our family and the future!

Babies and Kids Health

breastfeeding success and tips

Breastfeeding Success: Breastfeeding Tips, Benefits, and Stages.

Jan 30, 2019

From the moment your baby is born, he leans towards you for comfort. Your smell becomes his familiar, your heartbeats his soothing music and your milk his super powerful magic

Health News in the Gulf

Kids Fever: Everything you need to know about the fever and how to manage it at home.

Jun 20, 2018

When your child has an infection, he or she develops what is referred to as ‘kids fever.’ Normally, such a higher than normal temperature could be due to a cold,

Moms: 14 First-Aid Home Guidelines to Keep your Kids Safe!

Jun 25, 2017

Falling off a bike or tripping over some rocks could happen to any child. Despite their tears and cries, you try to comfort your daughter or son telling them they


Basics for Feeding your baby!

Jun 16, 2017

Is feeding your baby all that you are thinking about, on a daily basis? From the very first moment you know you are pregnant, your life starts taking a new

Teens Health

help smoking teen

9 ways to help a smoking teen!

May 09, 2016

A new trend happening in our region these days is childhood smoking! Wherever you go, you bump into teenagers and young adults  that smoke. When you start a new generation with a box of cigarettes, the results will be devastating and that leads to a very unhealthy new generation! Causes of youth smoking. Most of young people start smoking because they: 1) come from low social class, 2) have low

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