Moms: 14 First-Aid Home Guidelines to Keep your Kids Safe!

Falling off a bike or tripping over some rocks could happen to any child. Despite their tears and cries, you try to comfort your daughter or son telling them they will be ok. But, every mom needs a quick guide to now how to handle these tiny emergencies happening to most kids. This is your mini-First Aid Guideline for home.

When a child gets wounded, the mom acts as a nurse to cleanse the lesion, puts on a bandage and so forth; these are fundamental first aid practices which just about everybody is familiar with. Holding first aid equipment in your house, and in your automobile, is the finest way to make certain you can present your kids with the first aid they may require.

With all the sprinting, scaling and walking around, it’s no astonishment that falls are frequent among kids.

Here is a small guideline, tailored just for you.

1- Falling off a Bike? What to do.

  • Reassure your kid and look for any grievances
  • Lay a cold squeeze / ice pack on any contusions
  • Allow him/her respite for the ensuing hours
  • Watch your child closely for the next twenty-four hours for any extraordinary warning signs /manners
  • Give him/her an analgesic(pain killer) if he/she is not empty-stomach

2- Did your child burn his skin?

Instantly hold the burned area close to cold flowing water or place on it a cold damp towel until the soreness quietens down. Wrap any tiny eruptions with a slack dressing and drape the kid with an unsoiled coverlet to put off extremely low body temperature (until assistance turns up.)

3- First Aid for Insect Bites and Stings?

  • Shift the kid to a secure position to steer clear of any more stings.
  • Maintain immobility of the body fraction (that has been hurt)
  • If the small pointed weapon of the insect is stuck in the lesion, attempt to draw it out with a pair of tweezers or chafe it away with the flipside of a penknife.
  • Cleanse the contaminated spot with an antiseptic soap and water or swab with a topical antiseptic.
  • Put on a cold wrapping/ ice pack to ease the pain and decrease the swelling.
  • Do not rubdown the hurt spot.
  • If the kid has been hurt in the mouth, give him/her an ice cube to slurp or cold water to gulp; this would relieve the pain and lessen the inflammation.
  • Provide pain relievers (that are prepared for kids)
  • Put on a blend of baking soda and water / calamine lotion for itchiness
  • Seek the advice of a doctor as soon as possible and don’t give any antihistamines to your kid unless and until a qualified Medical doctor prescribes it.

4- Golden Rules to get rid of lice infestation?

  • Lice remedies (with medications added to them) frequently exterminate the lice, but it may require several days for the itchiness to discontinue. Make certain that the medicine is harmless; at the same time as over-the-counter shampoos are harmless for a babe in arms who is as young as 60 days of age; other remedies are barely harmless for kids 24 months or more in age. Damping the hair ahead of time and the use of hair conditioner is suggested since these measures momentarily put the lice out of action rendering it straightforward to dig up a comb all the way through the hair.

After dealing with lice, moms should comb out the nits with a thin- tooth comb; this action needs to be repeated after a week or ten days (so as to wipe out any lately emerged nits.) In case, the babe in arms is 60 days of age or less, medicated lice remedies are contraindicated. Instead, the nits and lice should preferably be detached manually.

5- First Aid for Sunburns?

  • Take away your kid from the sun instantly
  • Position the kid in a cool sprinkle /bathtub
  • Put on cold wrappings repeatedly
  • Let the kid consume additional liquids for the subsequent two /three days so as to cool him/her down and to avoid lack of fluids
  • Provide NSAID (such as ibuprofen) to the kid so as to ease his /her aches and pains
  • Provide comfort to the kid by putting on moisturizing emollients /aloe vera gel

6– First Aid in case of Intoxication?

  •  Persistently observe your child
  •  Monitor respiration of the child
  •  Awaken your kid over and over again
  • Make certain that your inebriated kid does not glide from deactivation to unconsciousness
  • Make certain your inebriated kid sleeps on his/her face with a cushion at the back (to avert him/her rising and falling.) This will safeguard them from suffocating on their throw up.
  •   Don’t permit the intoxicated kid to travel on a bike/swim
  •  If the inebriated kid throws up regularly, request an ambulance right away

 7- What to do if your Son gets Kicked on his Balls?

  •  Give pain relievers to the kid
  • Let him recline
  • Place a bundled up towel under his testes when he reclines
  • Prop up his testes with buttressing underwear
  • Apply an icepack on the spot to help avoid inflammation and alleviate hurting
  • Ensure that he keeps away from arduous doings

 8– How to deal when your kid is suffering from high fever?

  •  Lay a cold, moist soft cloth on the forehead of your kid
  • Give your kid a tepid tub bath
  • Put forward ample liquids and cold foodstuffs such as yogurt, ice pop etc; these assist to chill his/her body on the inner side as well as on the outside
  • Maintain adequate dehydration of the kid
  • Make use of a fan for cooling / aeration
  • Take out pieces of attire so as to enable your kid to mislay high temperature more candidly through the skin

 9- Have you been traveling with your child? That’s the Treatment for Traveler’s diarrhea.

  • Substitution of liquids and salts (misplaced owing to diarrhea) using ORS (oral rehydration salts.) ORS is set up by addition of one packet to simmered water.
  • Provisionally eliminate milk from the regime of kids
  • Carry on breast-feeding the infants
  • A plain diet comprising boiled rice, bananas, crackers, and seared chicken

 10-Here is a quick Remedy for cold and flu in kids.

  • Let your kid take complete bed rest and don’t send him/her to school; keep them cozy
  • Give plenty of liquids such as herbal teas, fresh pure fruit juices, clear soups etc. to your kid
  • Keep a humidifier in your kid’s room; this would keep the air humid and split blockage of his/her nose and chest due to mucus

   11- How to treat stomach flu in kids?

  • Give lots of fluids to the kid to keep him/her hydrated
  • Avoid giving milk to the patient
  • Give plain food such as boiled rice, bananas, boiled potatoes, plain yogurt, etc.
  • Ibuprofen/acetaminophen in case of fever

 12- Does your child suffer from Rash? Here is what you need to do.

  • Instantaneously rinse the spot with huge quantities of water
  • Make use of soap and water in moderation
  • Permit the rash to remain uncovered to the air when feasible.
  • Persuade the kid not to grate the rash
  • Maintain the rash area chilly, calm and damp
  • Give him/her an oatmeal bath
  • Encourage the kid to put on cotton outfits
  • Use mild soaps

 13- Treatment of vomiting:

  •  Keep the kid away from dense foods
  • Persuade the kid to suck/ imbibe diminutive quantities of oral electrolyte solution, clear fluids like water, honey water etc.
  • If the young one is breastfeeding, continue doing so

 14- Urinary tract infection in kids:

  • Promote the kid to drink additional fluids
  • Support the kid to urinate multiple times
  • Give your child Cranberry Juice
  • Call your pediatrician to set up the earliest appointment.

This article offers a quick guideline with golden rules. Please remember that when it comes to your child, you can try to soothe his problem by home remedies; however, it is essential to call and set up the earliest appointment with his pediatrician. Just like you do when it comes to fever, keep observing your child and noticing any changes in his or her behaviors.

Good Luck Moms!



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