Disease-free Life! Yes, its is possible

Who doesn’t want to live disease free? Every couple of years, we hear about a certain outbreak of a virus that could be as simple as a quick flu or as dangerous as a mutating illness killing a large number of people. These infectious diseases appear and disappear with no traces. However, the focus should be on the continuously existing illnesses that have been impacting people’s lives, these are called chronic diseases. The most fearful of them all is: Cancer! Why is cancer so scary in our gulf area? Because, people do not understand it: there is no proper awareness on the risk factors of this disease, preventive measures, and updates on the field of its eradication. How to protect yourself from it? Well, it should be a combination of two factors: 1) understanding its risk factors and stay away from them, and 2) following preventive measures.

In a simpler way: stop doing what causes it and start practices what prevents it!

1- Healthy environment:

This is the most controversial part of the whole preventive plan as it might require the attention of higher authorities who need to provide a safe environment for their residents. It can start as simple as the provision of clean non-contaminated water for drinking and daily consumption, clean air away from radiations and chemical fumes, and clean earth to provide healthy food. In my opinion, it is the responsibility of each municipality to provide this protected environment for its village/city by restricting commercial use of industrial commodities in residential areas. This problem is major in Lebanon nowadays! A separate article will handle this topic; however meanwhile, what every one of us can do is the following:

  • Make sure you are consuming safe fruits and vegetables (organic preferable)
  • When buying a house, make sure it is in a safe area away from high-tension, chemical manufacturers…
  • Always clean your indoor air by using a highly professional filter or a similar device
  • Know your source of water: only use reputable certified water distributors
  • If you are living in the city and are exposed to high level of pollution, make sure you have a clean home and work on visiting weekly areas with clean environment like the mountains.

2- Healthy body:

A perfectly healthy body starts with the consumption of healthy food accompanied by a healthy blood circulation and lymphatic draining.

1- Food to avoid: Several food items were shown to be linked to cancer such as:

  • Red and processed meat (raw or cooked) linked to colon cancer
  •  Heterocyclic amines found majorly in burned meat cuts (Don’t be too excited about a very well done piece of steak, the black grilling marks you see are the heterocyclic amines)
  • Acrylamides found in starchy food especially French fires, potato chips…
  •  Alcohol (should be taken in moderation) has been linked to an increased risk of mouth, breast, liver cancer when consumed in large quantities

2- Food to eat: These often are the ones high in fibers, antioxidants and phytochemicals. Examples of protective food are:

  • Fruits and vegetables: fresh non-processed
  • Fibers such as in whole wheat and oats
  • Beets have been found highly protective against breast cancer
  • Broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower (contain indole-3-carbinol) protect against breast cancer
  • Avocadoes (contain glutathione) protect against liver cancer and can treat viral hepatitis
  • Chili peppers & jalapenos (contain capsaicin) protects against stomach cancer
  • Figs (containing benzaldehyde derivatives) can shrink down tumors
  • Grapefruits, oranges and lemon (contains monoterpenes) helps cleaning the body from carcinogens & protecting against breast cancer
  • Grapes slows down the growth of tumors
  • Papaya reduces the absorption of cancer causing elements
  • Raspberries (contain anthocyanin) protects against esophageal and colon cancer
  • Tomatoes when used with a little bit of oil can help kill cancer cells especially in the mouth, breast, pancreas and colon
  • Watermelon and carrots are highly protective in general
  • Nuts (contain quercetin) protects against colon cancer
  • Garlic and rosemary (contain dialyl sultides and carnosol)

3- Cyclic Detox: Always follow a routine detox diet (once every 6 or 12 months) for couple of days with only fruits and vegetables

4- Good Lymphatic System & Draining: This can be achieved by professional lymphatic draining massages. Not any massage is a good one. There are certain techniques and products used that can make an impact on the lymphatic system of the body.

5- Maintaining a healthy weight

3- Healthy soul

  1. Breathing: when done professionally and effectively, helps clean the entire body, the lymphatic system and induces a good blood circulation. It has to be incorporated in every person’s daily routine.
  2. Yoga
  3. Meditation: (done daily) fights cancer and promotes longer life
  4. Beliefs: Believing in a higher power that will protect us can be relieving. True believers usually have lower rates of depression and complications due to chronic diseases.
  5. Social Status: A secluded person has higher chances of overcoming difficulties alone and hence undergoing depression and health complications.

Updated on 01/21/2017

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