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Slimming Surgeries

Slimming Surgeries: Are they Really Dangerous?

May 30, 2016No Comments

Within the era changes in the world of beauty comes the booming of Slimming Surgeries! Whom among us have had the exact weight over the

kidney stones

Kidney Stones: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

May 24, 2016No Comments

Kidney stones are very small pebble-like clusters of minerals and acid salts that accumulate in the kidneys. Their accumulation can have a negative effect on

kinds of hormones

HORMONES: 6 Kinds you Never Knew Existed!

May 16, 2016No Comments

Hormones have been blamed for everything that goes wrong in our bodies for so long. If you gain weight, you blame it on hormones; if

spring allergies

Spring Allergies: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Mar 02, 2016No Comments

The month of March marks the beginning of the spring season with all its warmth, beautiful greeneries and pollen! While some people think of honey

spring allergies

Spring Allergies: How to prevent them

Mar 02, 2016No Comments

Now that spring has started, some people start getting alarmed about developing spring allergies. Now that you have known what exactly is this kind of

scare tactics babysitter

Every Babysitter’s Nightmare!!!!! ~ Video ~ Hilarious Scare Tactics

Feb 27, 2016No Comments

When you are hired by a family to babysit their little daughter, things might not be as simple and easy as they look! This guy

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Nutrients for pregnant women

Top 11 Nutrients Every Pregnant Woman Needs Daily!

May 24, 2016No Comments

From the moment she says yes on the altar, every woman starts thinking about becoming a mommy. This great feeling that makes the heart pound

Knee replacement surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery: Safe?

May 06, 2016No Comments

Knee replacement surgeries have been performed on patients for several years now but are still being improved. Some people get obsessed with having this procedure

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