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Sunflower Seeds: How Safe are their 6 Powerful Disease-Fighting Constituents!

With the world redirecting its attention towards natural foods, it would be very wise to explore the numerous surprising health benefits of sunflower seeds. Whether you are following weird diets or just like to add a few sparkles to your health, this is a great seed. You can sprinkle it on anything or just take it as a snack. Here are the reasons that make this seed so unique.

Sunflower Seeds Components.

1) High in good oils (Monounsaturated fats) that have been found by numerous studies to have very positive outcomes on your heart health, such as lowering cholesterol and triglycerides levels.

2) High in Vitamin E: A cup of sunflower seeds gives you about 60% of how much you need per day of this vitamin. This highly available nutrient makes these seeds the perfect promoters for cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin E helps protectΒ the brain cells by preventing redness and swelling.

3) High in Folate that is another protector against cardiovascular diseases.

4) Rich in L-tryptophan,Β an essential amino acid, that helps fight depression, anxiety, insomnia, hormonal imbalances (estrogen and progesterone), unwanted symptoms preceding menstruation (PMS) and many others.

5) High in Magnesium that helps the normal functioning of the muscles, reducing the symptoms of PMS (Premenstrual Symptoms), as well as preventing depression. For patients suffering from depression & following a homeopathic regimen, Magnesium is the basis of their treatment.

6) High in Selenium that helps regulateΒ thyroid hormonal problems and repair DNA damages in cells.

This super seed is very nutritious and essential to anyone’s diet at any age. Start incorporating it into your kids and family’s lifestyles. Whether it is raw or roasted, the benefits are all there and ready to boost your health!

Consuming this seed does not cause any harmful effect on the body. The only concern is if you are eating it in its salted form, in this case, you would worry about the adverse impact of the excess intake of sodium. This could be of concern for people suffering from high blood pressure.

From another angle, sunflower seeds contain fat. So, taking a significant amount on a daily basis might lead to obesity if you are living a sedentary life.


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