Worst Daily Habit that is killing your lungs!

We are living in an era where arguileh, also known as chicha or hookah, is becoming a social way of meeting with families and friends. People have been smoking it on a daily basis, comforting themselves that it is not cigarettes!

Here are few very important facts you need to know about this new smoking habit you are developing:

1) Arguileh or chicha smoking delivers the same addictive nicotine drug found in cigarettes

2) Despite the fact that they are flavored, that doesn’t change the fact that they contain the same harmful toxins as cigarettes

3) One session of arguileh smoking exposes you and the people around you to more smoke than a cigarette session

4) The way you smoke the arguileh makes you absorb more toxins and more deeper than when smoking a cigarette.

5) Several studies showed Arguileh to be associated to LUNG CANCER, RESPIRATORY ILLNESSES, LOW BIRTH WEIGHT BABIES, and DENTAL DISEASES.

When you heat the tobacco from the charcoal, it produces a smoke high in Carbon monoxide, metals and other chemicals leading to cancer. A study showed that a 1 hour arghileh session makes its user inhale about 90,000 ml of smoke while 1 cigarette lets him inhale 500-600 ml.

qwwwwwwAlso, the smoke produced by hookah have a bigger hazardous impact on the people sitting around you. So, in other words, you are putting yourself and your entourage at very high health risks every time you enjoy an arguileh! Take home lesson: Arguileh is a very hazardous hobby! Try to shift into a healthier one.

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