Stay Young Forever: Your Ultimate Weapon!!!

December 10, 2015
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We live in a region that still has big gaps to become one of the developed countries. Changes, at so many levels, are needed and populations are becoming more and more ready to adapting to these changes.

Everyone wants to live in peace, in contentment, in energy, in self-satisfaction and in good health regardless of their age. They have all the right to do so. Every one of us and at any age can still wear whatever he/she likes, go have all the fun, laugh out loud, be happy, fulfilled and satisfied.

Age should never be the factor restricting you. Your year of birth is nothing but a number on a piece of paper. On the other hand, your body, health, thoughts and environment are the restricting factors.

  • Body and Health: When you start living your life in early adulthood, you need to be planning for a long happy healthy life. This plan would lead you to an extremely happy healthy energetic 70, 80 or 90 year old. You need to understand, there is a thin line between going having loads of fun and going having high-risks loaded fun. Age restricting behaviors include the following:
    1. Smoking (cigarettes, chicha, cigars)
    2. Taking drugs: The worst of them all!!!!!
    3. Excessive drinking.
    4. Excessive late night clubbing: You need to manage between your university or work and the night outings. That’s why weekends are here! Clubs are going nowhere.
    5. Having very minimal hours of sleep: You need to notice how many hours your body needs to be fully functional the next morning. Accordingly, you can throw in the outings in weekdays.
    6. Eating out and unhealthy most of your time. You can eat out: you can have an occasional unhealthy meal but the remaining times, you need to make the good choices.
  • Thoughts & Environment: Thinking about the entire world and all the people surrounding you when taking a certain decision or talking a certain way, will already make you feel the heaviness of 10 to 20 additional years. Every one of us should understand the concept of “ME” and “I NEED” and “I FEEL”. Understanding our limit beyond which we will be meddling with people’s lives and affecting our family’s well-being, every one of us should put together his life according to what he/she perceives. Here are some thoughts.

You can at any age have a job if you want to. This job will make you feel accomplished. It can be a paid one or having a task like taking care of your garden, growing a new hobby, learn a new skill, and take some music classes…

All in all, start living from this moment, do what makes you satisfied, stop listening to others, start waking up every day full of excitement for how joyful your day will be, work for a company you like and if you are stuck in a weird job list its advantages, smile and let the world know you are happy, smile and never let anyone take that smile away, be confident in your beliefs, don’t try to change anyone (this world is meant to be made by all different personalities), eat well, stay fit, know how to breathe right, learn some stress-relieving techniques like yoga and meditation, drain your body from toxins through a detox diet or a detox massage, listen to music, let that heart of yours beat…

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