NEW: A talking magic cup?

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We live in such an advanced era where things around us have been designed to facilitate our chores, days and life. Starting with auto-dialer on

Live in Hot weather? Is it affecting your S...

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People wait for the summer impatiently, beach and sun become everyone’s obsession. “So what! We can stand some heat”, they all think. But, what about

Construction workers: WATCH OUT!

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Everybody  waits for the weather to start getting closer to summer days for some remodeling and renovations. Certain projects are small scale ones while others

Prevent Headaches following these 7 simple ...

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Who among us haven’t suffered from headache at some point! You might look around at work on a Monday morning expecting everyone to be full

Stay Young Forever: Your Ultimate Weapon!!!

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We live in a region that still has big gaps to become one of the developed countries. Changes, at so many levels, are needed and