NEW: A talking magic cup?

We live in such an advanced era where things around us have been designed to facilitate our chores, days and life. Starting with auto-dialer on phones reaching to cars that self park, life becomes simple. Innovation has invaded all aspects of our lives and even reached a cup!

During a day, every person seeking to be healthy and stay on tract reads labels of things they eat or drink. Looking for drinks with low sugar amount and low in calories can be tiering and time consuming. Then comes the difficult part, which is adding up all that you have drank in the past hours to figure out what you can still drink or eat. Somebody have thought about a solution for us and it took him 7 years to figure it out! A magical cup that acts as your personal nutritionist/mentor!

Silicon Valley has recently launched its amazing new cup that has a LED screen on it and tells u:

1- What you are drinking

2- What are the nutrients contents of what you are drinking

3- What are your drinking habits

4- How much you still need to drink per day to stay well hydrated!

5- How many calories you are drinking

6- How much proteins you still need

This cup operates through a set of sensors that analyses the drink at a molecular level and gives you the results on the spot. I do believe that this cup can be a revolution in health that helps people unlock the mysteries behind the numerous drinks that are present in the market and their misleading health claims. It is somehow affordable (99$-199$). The only barrier it might face would be how much people are willing to pour every drink whenever they are into that cup! Is this a new habit worth incorporating into your lifestyle.

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