A great 2015 Plan!

Saying goodbye to year 2015 and welcoming year 2016 must be very exciting! Leaving a year filled with good or bad memories, amazing or worst decisions are a necessity so we can start a brand new white page. Around New Year’s Eve, the list of new resolutions starts building up. Smokers plan on cutting down the number of cigarettes, overweight people think of losing weight, students on studying more to get higher grades, workaholics on spending more family time… what are you planning to change??? Any health related resolutions?? Well, here is what you should think of…

  1. Plan on taking the stairs instead of the elevator. This will help cleanse your body by improving the blood circulation.
  2. Park your car away from your destination; you will end up walking some.
  3. Plan on smoking half the quantity you used to smoke then end up quitting! Your lungs are to be treasured!
  4. Plan on staying away from fried and buttery food for a safer heart. Don’t work on clogging your arteries this year.
  5. Plan on starting your day with a good cup of green tea to get your energy while preventing all sorts of diseases. Add a couple of herbal infusions throughout the day, they are recommended for general well-being.
  6. Plan on drinking alcohol occasionally to protect your liver.
  7. Plan on drinking less coffee to keep your bones in good shape & keep your calcium stores intact.
  8. Plan on having a vegetarian day once a week for a clean body.
  9. Plan on eating meat, chicken and seafood weekly. Your body needs everything!
  10. Plan on taking meditations and breathing lessons! They are a necessity for general well-being and a stress free and disease free year.
  11. Plan on reading! Books help you advance intellectually and embrace an advance state of mind!
  12. Cherish family time! Plan on doing family activities such as board games, watching a good movie together, sharing an outdoor activity, visiting historical places…
  13. Try not to hate anybody. Stay away from those who hurt you…

Think positive & enjoy your year!!!

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