Top 6 Diet Trends: Which leads you to you dream body?

Whether it is for the holidays or the bikini season, many of us are continuously planning to shed few pounds. However, the most debilitation and complicated question that probably comes to your mind are how to shed those extra pounds and get rid of excess adipose tissue? Should you follow some celebrities diet trends? This is the point where nutrition experts jump in with their famous diet suggestions and innovative healthy weight loss trends, exploring, which patterns are practical and which should be turned down. Some favorite diet trends are:


MIND diet is referred as ‘Brain healthy diet.’ This food is the perfect combination of two popular nutritional plans, Mediterranean diet, and the DASH diet. This system is a popular diet plan for a healthy brain, which is supported by scientific studies. The MIND diet plan encourages whole, fresh and nutritious foods in satisfying quantities. On the contrary, MIND diet requires stringent meal planning.


The DASH diet is the best overall diet. The DASH diet plan is for people suffering from high blood pressure. The system meets explicitly low sodium requirements. The foods included in DASH diet are available at the grocery store and are not expensive. The DASH diet plan is a misfit diet plan for those looking for a quick solution.

Weight Watchers

Weight watchers are the most widely studied diet plan. One of the most significant pros of the weight watchers diet plan is that there are no forbidden foods. The Weight Watchers diet plan encourages an individual to lose weight slowly. On the other hand, the weight watchers diet plan works for everyone, but it might not work for everyone because of expensive cost. Furthermore, weekly weigh-ins are necessary, which may discourage an individual.

HMR Program

If you have a significant amount of weight to lose, then, HMR program is a perfect meal replacement program. HMR diet is backed up by scientific studies and clinical trials. The most significant drawback of the HRM diet plan is the cost of food, which may cause financial strains.

Paleo Diet

Paleo diet is the primal diet plan, which exclusively involves adaptation to eating particular kinds of food. This diet includes animal products, plant products, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Paleo diet is rich in protein content which is the primary building block of the body. On the contrary, high protein diet means restrictive carbohydrates, thus, depleting energy sources.

South Beach Diet

This diet is healthy and dominated by an intake of refined and highly processed carbohydrate along with the lean meat. One of the significant advantages of South Beach Diet is fast weight loss and slick disappearance of binge eating and food craving. However, on the other hand, insufficient scientific data makes it a less popular choice among different diet plans.

Updated 01/21/2017

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