12 Famous Celebrities Losing Weight: How did they do it?

When it comes to weight loss, calories count. You can lose weight only if you keep a balanced proportion of the calories you are intake and the calories you burn. We all make stringent diet and exercise plans but at a certain point of time reach to a plateaued phase in weight loss plan. At this instance, what works is the motivation you get from hearing the success stories of the celebrities who successfully managed to shed some extra pounds. We bring you success stories of celebrities diets and their secret weight loss strategies.

Ricki Lake:

This diva had a significant transformation from size 24 to skinny. She lost many pounds by following a 1200 calorie diet plan and doing 4.5 miles hike four times a week. Eating close to nothing and practicing day by day permitted Lake to recoil from a size 24 to 12, and lose more than 100 pounds in somewhat more than six months.

Jennifer Hudson:

The singing sensation of the music industry, Jennifer Hudson transformed from flab to fab. She likewise surrendered fast food for more advantageous alternatives like flame-broiled chicken and avocado and utilizations the weight reduction.

Holly Madison:

The lady leading peepshow and formerly Girls Next Door shed 19 pounds in 18 months. She added Pilates and yoga to her workout normal and embraced a low-carb slim down. Furthermore, she also started eating protein bars and organic products. Moreover, she switched to supplement NV for expanded vitality and to keep up her optimal weight.

Alec Baldwin:

53-year-old Alec Baldwin shed 30 pounds in only four-month time. He was diagnosed as diabetic. Alec Baldwin achieved this remarkable transformation by giving up sugar, which was the real battle. He accomplished this weight loss by adding Pilates and adding yoga to his workout regime.

Mariah Carey:

In the wake of putting on 70 pounds amid her pregnancy with twins Moroccan and Monroe, Mariah Carey felt the weight to lose the weight quick. Mariah Carey, the 46-year-old sensational singer, managed to lose weight by committing to her strict protein diet plan and exercise regimen.

Jordin Sparks:

American Idol, Jordin Sparks achieved remarkable weight loss of 35 pounds. She revealed her weight loss secret by stating that she started with a simple walk around her neighborhood and gradually increased the duration and speed. She credits her immediate weight loss to exercise rather than calorie restriction.

Aretha Franklin:

Popular singing sensation, Aretha Franklin astoundingly shed 85 pounds of extra fat. She achieved results by maintaining low carb diet and 2 hours workout on a treadmill. She credits her immediate weight loss to strict calorie restriction.

Christian Bale:

The most versatile and phenomenal actor of Hollywood industry, Christian Bale lost 63 pounds for ‘The Machinist.’ His secret strategy of weight loss an apple and a can of tuna fish per day both rich in protein. Christian Bale revealed his fitness tips black coffee and salads are effective in achieving quick weight loss.

Ronnie Ortiz:

You can’t forget MTV’s popular reality series Jersey Shore and so Ronnie Ortiz. To achieve weight loss, Ronnie Ortiz showed up to the gym religiously for an intensive workout. He adopted stringent workout plan, i.e., six times a week along with firm dietary regulations.

Oprah Winfrey:

This superwoman, popularly known as ‘Queen of All Media’ shared her weight loss success stories which were under headline after she lost 160 pounds. Oprah Winfrey followed strict protein diet and practicing to drink water before taking meals. Oprah Winfrey fitness suggestion to all those struggling with weight loss is to eat fish.

Drew Barrymore:

Having spent almost her whole life in the spotlight, Drew Barrymore has demonstrated that a reliable way of life is the key to enduring weight reduction achievement. Through regular partition controlled suppers, yoga and running. Her secret to weight loss is running and participating in energy demanding sports.

Ricky Gervais:

Ricky Gervais, the leading star has recently lost 20 pounds. He managed his weight loss by curbing cravings for junk food, low carb diet, exercise and fast running.


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