Prevent Headaches following these 7 simple tips!

Who among us haven’t suffered from headache at some point! You might look around at work on a Monday morning expecting everyone to be full of energy after the weekend. Surprise! Maybe almost half your co-workers might be in a cranky mood with some headaches. You might be out with your friends on a Friday night, enjoying the music and drinks when all of a sudden someone from the group  gets up and leaves home complaining from a headache.

The truth is there are somel headache triggers that can be dealt with easily:

  1. The weekend! When someone changes their sleep patterns and the time of coffee intake his/her body has been used over the week, headache happens. This is called caffeine withdrawal.
  2. Fighting with your partner! These fights might make you anxious, leading to shorter breaths and hence less oxygen intake. This will lead to a constriction of blood vessels causing headaches. This is called tension headaches. Fights are going to happen; so, you would better learn a breathing technique that can help.
  3. Computer and other screens can put pressure on the eyes due to changes in the screen brightness. Also, posture plays a big role. Prevent this kind of headache by taking small breaks and going for walks.
  4. Gasoline!!! Several people have a sensitivity to gasoline or other smells such as perfumes and tobacco.
  5. Ponytails! These can exert tension of the scalp leading to headaches.
  6. Fasting and dehydration!
  7. FOOD! There are certain food types that can cause headaches such as:
  • Tyramine-containing food such as aged cheese, alcohol, aged meat…
  • Preservatives such as nitrates can cause dilatation of blood vessels.
  • Cold food sensitivity such as ice creams (especially after exercising or during hot weather)
  • Cultured dairy products
  • Peanuts

There are several herbs that can help soothe a headache such as peppermint and passionflower. Another natural remedy would be to mix 1 tbsp milk with 1/2 tsp ginger powder and apply it where it hurts.

Good Luck!

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