Flu Season: Get vaccinated?!

Winter marks the beginning of winter and Flu Season! People start getting worried about catching flu with all its discomfort and symptoms. We keep hearing controversial claims about flu vaccines. Some say they are a necessity while others believe they are a waste of time and money. Here is what you need to know:

1- Flu is a respiratory infection that can be highly contagious. It causes high fever, muscle pains and headaches.

2- There are three types of Flu: Type A and B (mostly common in winter) and Type C (has less impact on the body).

3- Type A Flu can cause severe illness and is linked to both humans and wild birds. This type can cause epidemics. It is found on all surfaces touched by an infected person and in rooms/ areas where the infected person has been sneezing.

4- Flu strains mutate every time and new strains of viruses replace old ones. This is why vaccines are updated every year.

5- You are not fully protected when vaccinated! So, keep taking precautions and PLEASE do not visit sick people to keep them company!!!! You will end up catching the viruses, getting sick and participating in spreading them to your family and close friends!

6- There are two major kinds of Flu Vaccines: The Trivalent Flu Vaccine (protects against 2 Type A viruses and 1 Type B virus) & the Quadrivalent Flu Vaccine (protects against 2 Type A viruses and 2 Type B Viruses).

7- Some vaccine shots are injected in the muscles, others in the skin (called intradermal shots), or even in the nose as a nasal spray. Ask your doctor about his preference for you based on your health history.

8- Don’t get vaccinated if you are sick. Wait until you are fully recovered!

Good Luck!

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  1. Vaccination is safe, and is proven to help both you and the people around you. The most important group to vaccinate are school-age children. Protecting them protects most of the population.

    • You are absolutely right! Vaccination is safe and highly protective for school-aged kids. Parents should always check with their kids pediatricians about what is the best thing to do. Each body is built differently and some individuals may have certain health conditions that prevents them from benefiting the right way.

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