10 Tips to have a Perfect Night Sleep!

Have you been taking too long to fall asleep? Waking up so many times during the night? Waking up early and not sleeping back? Being and on and off sleeper? You are then suffering from insomnia!!! This insomnia can affect your mood, your day and even the quality of your work.

Here are few tips on how to fight it off and start enjoying a goodnight sleep:

1- Make sure you do not have sleep apnea (while sleeping, you loudly gasp for air). In this case, your physician might suggest a better sleeping position hat keeps airways open, a medical device CPAP (continuous positive air pressure), a dental device, a diet in case you were overweight or obese!

2- Make sure there are no clocks or other electronicΒ equipmentΒ in the bedroom.cant-sleep

3- Make sure to dim the lights when sleeping as this might affect the melatonin level (the naturally secreted chemical in our body whose role to helps us fall asleep).

4- Make sure you do not suffer from RLS standing for restless leg syndrome whose symptoms are: tingling,crawling, pins/needles’ feeling in the legs. This can be treated by massage, moderate exercising, and limiting alcohol and caffeine intake.

5- Establish a routine for your bedtime. Read a light book, take a warm shower, turn off the TV, meditate for few minutes…

6- Don’t consider drinking alcohol to make you drowsy!

7- Limit beverages at night and have a light snack instead of a heavy meal.

8- Use the bedroom for sleeping. If you are not asleep after 20-30 minutes of staying in bed, just get up and occupy yourself with something else.

9- Get exposed to sunlight everyday!

10- Don’t exercise few hours before sleep time.

Good Luck!


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