Boosting your immune system in 10 steps!

stockfresh_id670688_happy-people_sizeXL_c65fb9What a beautiful day to start your week. Sun is shining; weather is warm but not too hot: perfect! Starting this month, everyone begins to focus on their new routine for the Fall/Winter. Most universities have already started, families getting everything ready for school, and everyone else going back in the mood that summer is almost gone and autumn and winter will soon be here! When you think of winter, you cannot disregard viruses, stuffed or runny nose, cough and common cold! Now is the best time to start boosting your immune system and get your body strong and ready to win these fights.
You can follow a one week special food plan and repeat it once every couple of months. Your second option would be to include some packed food that will make your body stronger and ready.

How do we get sick?
The immune system is in charge of protecting your body against organisms that make you sick. If it is not strong enough, it will fail and the germ gets in your body. The older you get, the more efforts you need to make to keep your immune system up to the level.YI0607-14
According to Harvard, for your immune system to function right, it needs balance and harmony. This can be accomplished through a well-established immune boosting diet and a lifestyle change. You can follow a one week special food plan and repeat it once every couple of months. Your second option would be to create a good lifestyle that will make your body stronger and ready.

What is the solution?
1- Control your blood pressure
2- Eat a lot of fruits of vegetables
3- Keep a healthy weight
4- Stop smoking
5- Get enough sleep: every person has different sleep needs, while some need 7 hours of sleep to start functioning well, others might only need 5. When you are sleepy at night, go to bed otherwise your body will get confused and you will end up having an interrupted night sleep.
6- Don’t trust all the products that claim to boost the immune system.
7- Cook meat well
8- Wash your hands thoroughly and keep a good hygiene
9- Stay away from sick people (sneezing, coughing…)
10- Do immune boosting massages, exercise….

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  1. I Get sick easily and have all my life. So i am esp. concious of diet exercise and mental health. I read this basic advice and was happy that it was simple and direct. AT least eat healthy every 2wks for a week at a time, good rest, and a good doctor. It took me years to lose the junk food. but i love tea more than coffee, and have begun the spiced teas – green and black. Helps craving of sweets too. I walk alot and do stretching exercise. When i do get sick, i relax my digestive system and eat things like the BRAT.Y Diet. Fish is fantastic as are chowders and veg. soups at least once a week. And i dont forget to include a recreation.

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