The Top Medicinal Food in Asia?!

The past couple of years have witnessed a revolution in the world of food all over the world. This revolution has been the intensive focus on introducing some Japanese food in every person’s weekly habits and edamame was under the spotlight! Edamame is nothing but green soybeans in its pod.

Is this new tasty fun legume as healthy as they claim? Well, it sure has been an adopted medicinal food in all Asia. Well, here are 8 reasons why you should have it!

1- It helps lowering the LDL level (the bad cholesterol).

2- It helps treating hypertension.

3- It offers a protection to the liver and kidneys of diabetics.

4- It is highly protective against Cancer!

5- Protects against heart diseases.

6- Prevents Osteoporosis.

7- Helps you lose weight

8- Great source of protein containing all 9 essential amino acids

Edamame is indeed  a wealth of health in a little pod. Incorporating it as a portable snack would be a wise choice!

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