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Magnesium: Memorize these 9 food for an optimal health!

Every one of us must have heard about the numerous benefits of magnesium. This super mineral with the wide range of healthy properties. While some of us might resort to taking some supplements, others prefer to take this mineral, the natural way. They prefer to offer the proper amount of Magnesium to their body by simply eating the right food.

So, what food contains this powerful mineral and which option has the highest content?

  1. Green Leaves:

    1 cup of raw spinach contains 25mg magnesium, while a cup of cooked spinach could reach up to 160mg.

  2. Avocadoes:

    Every piece of Avocado contains about 60mg of Magnesium.

  3. Nuts and Seeds:

    Pumpkin seeds have the highest content of magnesium, reaching up to 600mg per cup. Sesame seeds contain about 450mg per cup.

  4. Beans and Lentils:

    1 cup of cooked beans/lentils has 140 mg of magnesium.

  5. Whole Grains:

    1 cup of cooked brown rice has about 88mg of this mineral. from another angle, a cup of cooked quinoa could contain up to 120mg of magnesium.

  6. Bananas:

    Every banana contains about 32 mg. Make sure you add one piece of this fruit every morning.

  7. Low-fat Dairy Products:

    A cup of yogurt or milk has about 40mg of Magnesium. Other dairy products have different amounts.

  8. Dried Figs:

    EveryΒ fig contains 5 mg.Β  So, indulging yourself in a small bowl of figs could win you a fair amount of this mineral.

  9. Chocolate:

    Chocolate contains about 430mg of Magnesium in every cup of grated chocolate. every small square piece contains about 90 mg.

When you plan on eating healthy, you need to make sure that you are adding highly nutritious meals on a daily basis. Wellness is not about counting calories or restrictive diets, it is about providing your body with what it needs to keep florishing at an inner level.

Now that you discovered the Magnesium content of some major food, How do you need to convert it? It is very simple. You need to match it with the amount needed of this mineral for your age group and gender. Men need a higher amount of Magnesium than women starting the age of 14 years. Before this age, boys and girls have the same Recommended Dietary Allowances (need).

The major idea you have to keep in mind is that men, aged 14 and up, need an average of 400-420mg per day; while women aged 14 and up need 310-360mg per day.

For kids, between the age of 1 and 3 years old, both boys and girls need 80 mg per day; while numbers change for 4-8 years (130 mg) and 9-13 years (240 mg).

Updated on 01/21/2017

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