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Spring Allergies: How to prevent them

Now that spring has started, some people start getting alarmed about developing spring allergies. Now that you have known what exactly is this kind of allergy, what causes it, what are its symptoms and how to treat it; here is what you need to know about preventing these obnoxious symptoms.

1- Indoor is now your best place! During dry and windy days, you have to stay indoor with windows and doors closed. During this state of the weather is when the pollen gets transported by this nice breeze allowing your allergies to go over the roof.

2- Stop working in your garden and/or visiting nature. So, if you have a backyard, do not try to mow the lawn or pull the weed. In case, you were obliged to do any chore, wear a mask.

3- When you come in from the outdoors, take out your clothes and wash them as they probably are carrying a lot of allergens.

4- After doing your laundry, don’t wind dry them as they will have tons of pollen stuck on them and by just wearing these clothes, you will end up with a bad case of allergy.

5- It is in the Morning that the pollen is mostly concentrated in the air; if you can, avoid going out for morning walks or starting a very early day.

6- Keep the indoor area clean and pollen free by keeping doors and windows closed and turning on the AC (at home, work, car…). You also have to keep the filters of the AC units clean.

7- Vacuum clean the floor with a HEPA filter.

8- Spray Saline Water in your nasal passages to avoid a buildup of allergens and to flush them out.

9- Watch out for your weight. When you are in the right weight range, you will not suffer from any shortness of breath due to your weight, which might get aggravated when coupled with seasonal allergies.

10- Limit your stress levels. When you are continuously facing stress, your entire body gets confused. This leads to a confusion of the immune system that is supposed to be on guard in order to prevent and delay any symptom for spring allergies.

11- Eat well. What really helps you during this phase is adding a lot of antioxidants that help reduce inflammation in your body.

12- Wear eyeglasses when going out to protect your eyes.

13- Keep your eyes on the spots at home that are more likely to accumulate mold. Keep them clean and treated.

After all, Spring Allergies are just a phase. The more you maintain and prevent the symptoms of your allergies from initiating, the better you will be feeling.

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