Nutrients for pregnant women

Top 11 Nutrients Every Pregnant Woman Needs Daily!

From the moment she says yes on the altar, every woman starts thinking about becoming a mommy. This great feeling that makes the heart pound when she holds a little adorable baby in her arms. Whether you are dreaming, planning or already pregnant, you need to make sure to add these essential nutrients part of your daily intake.

1- Iodine: Helps increasing your baby’s mental capacities. It is found in iodized table salt, seafood, seaweed, and beans.

2- Folate: Helps providing support to the placenta, and prevents spina bifida as well as other neural tube defects. It is mainly found in  oranges, strawberries, green leafy vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, fortified cereals, peas, and pasta.

3- Iron: Helps producing hemoglobin, and prevents anemia, low birth weight, and premature delivery. Found in meat, dried beans, spinach, dried fruits, and grains fortified with iron.

4- Vitamin D: Helps the body combining both Calcium and Phosphorus and use them together for the proper development of teeth and bones. Vitamin D is found mostly in direct exposure to sunlight as well as drinking  milk & eating fatty fish .

5- Proteins: Helps repairing cells. It is mainly found in all animal foods including their produce (eggs, milk, cheese…) as well as legumes and nuts.

6- Calcium: Helps in 4 different ares that are the development of strong bones and teeth, the prevention of blood clots, and helping the good functioning of the muscles and nervous system. It is found in dairy products, dark green leafy vegetables, canned fish with bones as well as fortified cereals and juices.

7- Zinc: Helps produce enzymes that are very essential proteins needed for wellbeing. It sis mainly found in red meats, poultry, beans, nuts, whole grains, fortified cereals, and dairy products.

8- B Vitamins (B 1,2,3,and 6): These 4 kinds of vitamins help the body maintaining and increasing good energy, having healthy skin & nerves, promote good digestion, reduce morning sickness, and regulating the nervous system. They are found in high-protein foods, fortified cereals and breads, meats, fish, milk, eggs, and peanuts.

9- Vitamin E: Helps the body produce red blood cells and utilize them. It is usually found in vegetable oil, wheat germ, nuts, spinach, as well as fortified cereals.

10- Vitamin C: Helps the body in 3 different ways: First, it is an antioxidant; so, it helps the body fight any tissue damage. Second, it maximizes the absorption of iron from food. Finally, it helps the development of a strong immune system. It is mainly found in citrus fruits, bell peppers,  strawberries, papaya, potatoes, green beans, broccoli and tomatoes.

11- Vitamin A: Helps the healthy growth of teeth and bones. You can find it in liver, milk, eggs, carrots,  green and yellow vegetables, spinach, broccoli, potatoes, pumpkin, and yellow fruits.

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