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HORMONES: 6 Kinds you Never Knew Existed!

Hormones have been blamed for everything that goes wrong in our bodies for so long. If you gain weight, you blame it on hormones; if you have unwanted hair on your face, you blame hormones; if you are stressed or can’t go to sleep, it is all blamed on the hormones. But, are they really the cause of everything going wrong? What’s true and what’s a foe?

1- Hunger Hormones:

Hormones have a significant influence on your appetite, specifically, two  called Ghrelin and Leptin. Ghrelin tells your brain that you are hungry, and Leptin sends him a message when you are full.

2- Headache Hormones:

Some women suffer from migraines especially before their period when both Estrogen & Progesterone levels become too small!

3- Acne Hormones:

And yes! Acne, especially during teen years, is linked to hormonal changes which make the skin produce more oil that gets clogged in skin cells and leads to acne. Also, hormones might lead to a bacterial growth on the skin leading to these pimples.

4- Anti-inflammation Hormones:

These are corticosteroids (medicines) that are prescribed especially to patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases, Arthritis, or asthma. They help to fight off inflammation inside the body that occurs when the body attacks itself by mistake. These act like a hormone called Cortisol. Please watch out: corticosteroids are not like the steroids that some athletes take illegally to boost their performance. The athletic steroids have a role similar to the testosterone hormone.

5- Menopause Hormones men vs. women:

This happens only in the world of women when their hormones change enormously, and that usually leads to a cessation of periods and the inability of childbearing. Men do not go through such a change; however, they have a slow decrease in their testosterone levels with age leading to weight gain, loss of energy and disinterest in sex.

6- Love Hormone:

Yes, the feeling that you get when you hug or cuddle with your someone you love (a lover, friend, parent…) is linked to a something called oxytocin. This one is also responsible for the love feeling between mother and child and during breastfeeding.

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