Should a sick employee be at work?!

How many times have you been to a supermarket or a restaurant and bumped into an employee who is sick? Have you ever seen a teacher with a runny nose? What about a nurse? Let’s not forget the time when you might have been running like crazy to finish up a presentation for a meeting and at the time when you are about to start your meeting, you see your SICK?! client, so many thoughts cross your mind: “ Oh My God! Is he sick? Shall I shake his hand? Is he going to notice my grim? Do I have any antiseptic on me? Ah, I am definitely gonna catch whatever he has!?

I believe we all have been in this kind of a situation.

But, the question is: Should a sick employee be at work?

An employee is a human being capable of getting sick, just like any other person. He is not a robot who should be working full time, over-time with no vacations and no sick-leaves! It is true that many people take advantage of sick days but should an employer take the risk of possibly getting all the office sick because he is not sure?
Every office, restaurant, hospital, shop and other workplaces should give employees sick-days and leaves and be flexible about it. There is nothing worse than a virus spread at workplaces! While offices can be considered as a vector for virus spread, the true mishappening would be if that sick employee works in a healthcare establishment, educational establishments or a food industry/restaurant.

From the point of view of an employer, employees are getting paid to work. They can take sick days only when sick; but, what if they are faking it or are friends with a doctor who can pass them a sick note? Well, since every employee is entitled to a certain number of sick leaves per year in addition to their vacation, I would say, let them take them. Employers should keep in mind that employees can be sick physically or psychologically/emotionally. In both ways, if they decide to show up they will either spread the virus to other employees or have issues/fights with them.
Employees, you should understand that sick leaves are here for a reason which is to keep you and the rest of the office safe! If you want to take some rest and have fun, you should use the vacation days. If you are truly sick but think there is too much work and cannot afford taking a day off, you would better start thinking otherwise: if you go, you might get everyone else sick, make mistakes and not be as productive as you think!

So, bottom line, a sick worker belong at home resting to recover!

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