Are you making yourself diabetic?

So, what is Pre-diabetes?

It is when someone is on the right tract of becoming diabetic (with Type 2). This is when your blood sugar levels are slightly high but not high enough to be called a “diabetic person”. The good news is that you can still make changes to your lifestyle to reverse it!

What are the symptoms of Pre-diabetes?

Most of the time, there are no symptoms. These latter can be peeing more than normal, blurred vision, feeling over-tired & drinking too much water out of thirst.

How to test yourself for pre-diabetes?

There are different tests which are: 1- Fasting plasma glucose test, 2- Oral glucose tolerance test, 3- Hemoglobin A1c test.

So, what causes type-2 Diabetes?

1- Being Overweight or Obese.

2- Having someone in the family who is diabetic (type 2).

3- Don’t exercise and spend a lot of time sitting down.

4- Had Diabetes during pregnancy (called gestational diabetes) or delivered a baby who weighs more than 4kg.

5- Have Polycystic ovaries.

6- Have high levels of LDL and Low levels of HDL.

How to prevent it?

It is very simple. Embrace a healthy well-balanced diet rich in fibers and omega-3, fruit and vegetables & lower your intake in fried food. You can consult a professional if you think you need help. If you smoke, stop! If you are overweight/obese, try to lose some weight: even the very few kg lost can make a big difference! Maintaining your blood pressure at a normal rate will also help. Finally, walk on a daily basis, use the stairs instead of elevators, go dancing in the weekends…

Stay Safe!

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