I am a living in a very carefully crafted snow globe! One that should only be handled by adults! An R-rated snow globe, I may say. While it seems a perfect looking one, it is crafted by a craftsman inspired by the darkness.

My snow globe has a terrific infrastructure consisting of:

1) A polluted environment such as toxic soils, hazardous chemicals used on crops, garbage thrown at every corner of the street, contaminated water, and dominated by an intense air damage;

2) A handful of illegal African workers that have discovered their salvation in prostitution and are helping the economy by increasing the sales of the sexually transmitted diseases sectors;

3) A system that treats its people by default.

This craftsman decided to populate this specific snow globe by people suffering from every vice you may find: Lying, Pretentiousness, Jealousy, Vanity, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Wrath and Avarice! In my snow Globe, every person believes of his omnipotent and omniscient powers, every person believes he is the reason why every human being is breathing and that’s why he should be worshiped. The very minority is still resisting and living in contempt with themselves, wanting to escape this nightmare…
My snow Globe needs to get shaken so hard to finally readjust the placement of its infrastructure and for its people to get bumped in their heads to let go of all their vices, and start living clean, clear with a fresh breath of goodness in their souls….

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