Always Tired and Sleepy? 10 possible reasons!

Waking up in the morning with a grim on your face wishing it was Sunday morning. Suddenly, you realize the truth about this weekday and end up dragging your feet to start getting ready! Then comes the crazy traffic that adds up to your sleepy mode! Arriving to college or work, your day seems to never end and during this day you are SLEEPY and TIRED all the time!!! What is wrong with me, you might think!? Well, here are the top 10 reasons that might be wrong with you.

1- Bad Night Sleep: You did not sleep well at night. Either you have been watching this movie that you could not resist or ended up going out with some friends. It is very simple, when you don’t sleep as much as your body needs, you will be tired and sleepy the next day. Having Sleep Apnea can lead to a bad night sleep as well. Sleep apnea is usually more common among men and overweight/obese people.

2- Bad Diet: I am sure this is the case of a lot of women and men that are either eating very very little to watch out for their shape or of those who are eating terribly and having lots of deficiencies in their diet. Starting a day with a “Mankoushe” or a doghnut will lead to a peak in blood sugar level then a big crash in your energy for the rest of the day! Click here to know about different healthy diets.

3- Anemia: That’s when your body doesn’t have enough health Red Blood Cells to transport the needed Oxygen to your tissues and body organs.

4- Hypothyroidism: This is when your thyroid gland is working much slower than it should. This glad normally helps you when you are digesting your food. When it works poorly, you burn food slower and end up gaining weight

5- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: this is a condition when you feel extremely tired all the time without having any medical condition causing it & you never rest after sleeping. This condition is diagnosed by undergoing several medical tests to rule out any other illness.

6- Diabetes: If you have been continuously tired for some time now and you don’t think you have an issue with your food, mood or sleep, check with your doctor about doing some tests for Diabetes: blood Glucose & HbA1C levels.

7- Urinary Tract Infections: It causes burning sensations and frequent urination need.

8- Food Intolerance: Eating food that your body cannot properly digest.

9- Heart Disease: It would be the reason of your fatigue if any possible task you do will exhaust you.

10- Depression: This usually interferes with your body and mind messing up your sleep, physiology, appetite, emotions…

Updated on 01/21/2017

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