5 Rules for Winter Season!

Comes Winter and comes with it the fresh breeze of air that caresses our checks, the pouring blessing of rain that revives us and every living thing around us, and the luxurious white snow that covers our highest mountains and break even an economically challenged year… Comes winter and comes with it the cuddly fireplace, glass of wine and grilled chestnuts! Comes winter and comes with it a rainbow of happy feelings that warms our spirits, heads and hearts despite the low temperatures! Then comes the human being’s selfishness to mess up some of these days!

Winter marks the spread of several upper respiratory illnesses and some viral gastroenteritis. The good news is that these are simple silly causes of discomfort when well managed but could last for up to several days to couple of weeks.

  1. When you are sick, don’t hide it and pretend that you have allergies!
  2. If you are an employee, don’t manifest your illness in the entire office…
  3. If you have caught a virus, it is ok, you do not need to show your affection by hugging and kissing everyone around you and spreading a whole bundle of joy, happiness and laughs oups I meant coughs, runny nose and sore throat!
  4. If you are a food worker, it is about time you take these few days of sick leave instead of keeping them for your ski trip to Faraya!
  5. Manage, Contain, & prevent the spread, otherwise it will be a winter filled with a vicious circle of viruses and sicknesses and you will miss all the magic that is coming your way…


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