Family Gender Roles in the Gulf

Some individuals believe that a man’s heath is more vulnerable and hence far more important than that of a woman. Some others tend to refute vicariously this hypothesis. The truth is that both genders coexist in the same milieu making them exposed to the same environmental risks and stresses. There is no doubt that each gender has his/ her own health modulators. Each has a different set of sicknesses to worry about; but both have a similar load that need not to be taken for granted. Therefore it is wise to declare that both men and women’s health are equally important, each in its own way.Portrait of a happy young family expecting a baby

Within a microsociety, in the Middle East region, a kind of a patriarchal system arises where men are in charge of central roles such as providing for their families. They are considered the head of the family. On the other side, a woman is in charge of nurturing her family members as well as being in charge of their health and well-being. In other words, she is the heart of the family. Nowadays, individuals are working on incorporating a little bit of each role into each gender; however, roles are still the same but with some added values. Even if both men and women have careers, are self-accomplishing and equally successful, they are still occupying the same roles within their families. Could it be due to the fact that a man might handle better the harshness of life, while a woman might handle better emotional and sensitive situations? Could it be because men have a stable hormonal cycle when women have a fluctuation every month? What do you think?

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