The ultimate solution for stress in 9 steps!

The majority of people start having “health” worries by their mid-thirties. Knowing that men have much higher risks than women of having stroke, heart attacks and cardiovascular issues, they start undergoing intensive medical testing and could land on some chemical loving doctors who will start them on medications as a precautionary step. They start living in a circle of anxiety and stress that could lead by itself to several health deterioration.

Women, on the other hand, undergo a hormonal change on a monthly basis which can disrupt their mood and ability to overcome stress. Before reaching this unhealthy stage of your life, be wise and live healthy using these simple rules.

Stress is inevitable: knowing that stress is an inevitable life variable, learn how to cope with it by adding stress relieving daily habits and even supplements.

1- Breathing: You can think of learning how to breathe the correct way by taking breathing yoga lessons. When you find yourself in a stressful situation, take 5 minutes off to breathe right distributing the oxygen to all your body organs. You will be able to resume calmly your tasks.

2- Eat healthy: when you have a heavy lunch, your metabolism will be working in a more complicated way then when you eat easily digested food. When your body takes 5 to 6 hours to digest the food, you will feel tired, sleepy and your productivity and concentration will diminish. This will put you in a stressful and frustrating stage. At lunch, think of eating meats (chicken or seafood) with vegetables. Stay away from starchy food like pasta, white rice and potatoes. Fruits and cereal bars are a great source of vitamins and can boost your energy.

3- Meditation: try to add meditation to your life. Even one session per week can make a big difference in the way you cope with stress and diffuse it. Visualizing a calm peaceful place can help you achieve calmness and prevents several diseases. Please be aware of charlatans that claim to be meditation guides as they can guide you to more stress and distress.

4- Omega-3 & Magnesium: Try to add these two micronutrients in your food habits. Omega-3 can be found in a large number of food such as salmon fish, tuna in oil, sardines, sunflower seeds, flax-seeds, quinoa among many others. Magnesium can be found in raw spinach, sesame seeds, almonds, pine nuts, edamame, brown rice, avocados, bananas and chocolate!

5- Massages: Having a routine lymphatic draining massage can get rid of all clogs in your body and keep it healthy. It can help oxygenate the entire organs and ensure their proper functioning.

6- Sunlight & Fresh air: Get exposed to sunlight that helps increasing your serotonin level. Also, having a stroll on the street will have several stimulants to catch your attention and redirect your thoughts from your stress.

7- Have a routine: Try to add routinely small habits that can help you feel stable and comfortable. Habits like taking a warm bath with some aromatherapy oils and candles before sleeping, having a cup of chamomile tea with honey, going for a small walk after dinner, having a cup of green tea or coffee in the morning while reading your newsletter, doing few exercises before going to work…

8- No-thoughts hobbies: Try to add to your lifestyle a hobby that doesn’t require any thinking or analyzing from your part like drawing, painting, and swimming, playing computer games, driving to nowhere with some good music on…

9- Get in touch with your spirituality: studies show that a spiritual person has better coping abilities to stress than one with no beliefs.

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