Have you ever been in a situation where right after locking your house door, you forget if you actually did it so you go back to check it one more time or more?
Have you ever turned off the stove then doubted yourself and felt that the stove might still be on? It can happen to everyone; however if it happens a lot, then you might be suffering from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). This obsession can be about germs, intruders, and/or social embarrassments causing you to start performing some kinds of rituals that can be upsetting and life changing. You can think of MONK!

OCD Diagnosis

OCD usually starts during childhood and becomes at peak at the age of 19. It affects equally men and women. Your doctor can examine you and might refer you to a mental health therapist. OCD can lead to depression and anxiety.

OCD Symptoms

  • Have the same thought over and over such as fearing germs, violent acts, hurting loved ones, being over tidy, having conflicting religious thoughts…
  • Doing the same acts over and over in a repetitive way
  • Not being able to control yourself and your thoughts
  • Not finding any relief except by keep repeating the rituals
  • OCD can run in the family

OCD Treatment

OCD can be fully treated by a psychotherapist and does not necessarily need medications. If it is having a large impact on your life, it will be for the best to get rid of it.

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