Health Facts and Crying: 4 Reasons why you cry more than others!

Have you ever seen or been the person who cries a lot? Sitting comfortably on your couch at home watching a family movie that puts you to tears? Being the kind of person that has to keep stuffing her purse with napkins as you know you will be tearing if someone gives you a hug, are at a wedding, watch someone graduate, are at your kid’s school play, or hear some sad story of a person who you don’t even know? Well, here are some health facts and crying.

While some people rarely shed one tear, some others embrace the abundance of their tears as a part of their daily routine. But, why do we cry? Most people think that laughing or crying means that we happy or sad.

Health Facts and Crying: The truth is more complex than this.

The truth is that a person who easily cries at so many occasions of happiness is one that removed her guards and defenses and can easily tap into her inner self to melt in the moment. Women usually cry more than men and their tears are more socially accepted!

So many psychological and psychiatric studies have been trying to understand this easy-tears mechanism; here is what they found out about the 4 reasons why some cry more than others:

1- Release: You have a built up of emotions, anxiety or hidden traumatic moments from the past.

2- Secondary Gain Cry: You like to attract people’s attention.

3- Stress: You use a biochemical process to release stress hormones and toxins

4- Social acceptance: You think that you will win the support and sympathy of people who will watch you cry.

Health Facts and Crying: Did you know?

People who cry say they feel much better after crying. Studies have showed that people who are depressed tend to feel much worse after crying!

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