Lebanon: Our Eco-System in Agony!

Some people wake up early morning while others sleep. Some men go to work to support their families; while others have it all handed to them, the easy way, on a silver plate. Some women are abused, while others are pampered. Some kids neglected while others showered with love. Some families throw away tons of food while others are hungry. Some individuals buy overpriced homes, clothes and cars while others have bleeding tears of hunger, need and poverty. Some rich students don’t care about getting an education while some needy ones strive to build one but lack the financials. The world is full of opposites: happy and sad, rich and poor, loved and abandoned, overfed and hungry.

Lebanon is a miniature reflection of these opposites. But the sad truth is whether you belong to either one of these extremes, you are in danger. This danger is equal for everyone. This danger will be faced by everyone. This danger will affect the health of everyone. No matter how rich, happy and educated you are, you will face it. This danger is very close. As a matter of fact, it is knocking on our doors! This danger is represented by a change in the geographical distribution of mountains in our country. Our Lebanon has enough beautiful green mountains, no need for more heights. I wish someone can get on his computer and click the “delete” button but that would be in a magical world that has been an impossible truth in this country. Lebanon should get rid of its garbage mountains since yesterday!

Garbage pollution is affecting our entire area and people don’t realize the gravity of the situation. Garbage is not just a nasty smell, it is way more than this. When trash becomes uncontrollably piled in nature and residential areas, it starts becoming a major public threat and waterborne illnesses start rising!

  • The uncontrollably accumulated garbage is posing a very big danger for our communities as the piles of garbage are still neglected and they are becoming a cluster of microorganism growth, and a reservoir of toxic substances that will soon degrade into the soil reaching the surface water and the ground water.
  • Now that the rainy season is few days shy, we are looking at a large pool of contamination in all aspects: surface and ground water, soil, and environment. This contamination will affect us indirectly though eating contaminated food and animals & drinking/using contaminated water, and directly through direct exposure and easily transmittable diseases and illnesses.
  • I am sure the entire Lebanese community is aware that groundwater is pumped out of the ground to be used for drinking, bathing, other household uses, agriculture, and industry. What could be more disastrous than this?
  • Air pollution due to garbage will affect humans’ respiratory tracts and that’s when lung will start receiving air contaminants and start off a long series of illnesses. Several air pollutants can also affect the skin.
  • Accumulated garbage is creating a nesting milieu for rats, which will generate a whole series of contamination that have been disregarded so far, but will surely pose a major health risk.


Our entire eco-system is in agony people and all we think about is who to designate in political chairs. We are running out of time!!! This month will mark the official beginning of a rainy season, which means the beginning of the era of what we can call “GARBAGE DISEASES”.


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