China and the healthcare system: is privatization the next best thing? what is Tahoe doing?

For a country whose population has reached 1.4 billion, it was about time for China to privatize the health care sector. For the past centuries, the Chinese government has been holding the monopole of the triple health factors: the legislation, the policy and finally the administration. These triple powers were focused on providing every Chinese citizen with the basic health services as a right. In 2014, the Chinese government spent about around 992 billion dollars on health care. Now, and since 2016, the Chinese government has been leaning more towards encouraging and allowing investments in the private health care sector.

The question that presents itself is whether or not the private health care is better than the government one. For a rather large country with a massive population count, resorting to a private practice can be a blessing. What is normally seen among governmental healthcare agencies and hospitals is the problem of ratio and quality of service. Let us take for example Lebanon, a beautiful country in the Middle East region that has stopped relying entirely on the government and strayed towards the private sector. The major issue was the size of these governmental clinics and hospitals that hold beds and spots not enough to serve all those in need. So, as a result, people were rejected, neglected and medical errors were on the rise. Many lost their lives due to simple errors that are non-existing in the private sector. How can hundreds of health care facilities in china serve millions of people daily? How effective can professionals be working intensively? How many appointments can they actually fit within a day? Will they be focusing on quality or would they be focusing on serving the possible majority? One thing that cannot be denied is that in order to be able to serve the most, you will have to dedicate your funds towards the basic services. These public health services will be more twisted towards certain kinds of preliminary health care in order to be able to keep the majority of the Chinese population ok.

Luckily for china, a new era is about to raise the health level of Chinese people, an innovative global high-tech industry is being offered on a plate of gold by the Tahoe group. This leading company is offering people in china with cutting edge facilities and high level expertize by incorporating the advancement and excellence of the west. Tahoe has purchased one of the leading American companies, the Alliance Healthcare services. In addition, it built a bridge between the perfected level of healthcare in developed countries and the medical health administration in china by cooperating with the leading medical organizations worldwide as well as creating a solid network. As of April 2018, two healthcare centers were opened in both Fuzhou. These centers exist to offer Chinese people, in china, the blessing of the western advancement, Excellency and pioneering in the medical field, especially when it comes to certain chronic diseases.

The majority of people living in a certain country find it hard to travel for medical care, even if they believe that they would be offered a better level of care at a certain pioneering country. We cannot deny the fact that the west, including the united states of American and some European countries, has been found leading the medical and healthcare sector due to its advances in medicine, research, biomedical engineering and other sectors. So, it does make a lot of sense to always look up to certain countries as the best of the best. Patients, all over the world, seek to receive the best medical attention in order to improve their chances for healing and longevity. And, most of time, the attention is directed towards the USA. How many times have we seen patients sending their test results to their relatives living in that advanced country to get a second opinion? They want to receive the best treatment but cannot achieve it. This can be a frustrating barrier for many. The Chinese population no longer needs to have this feeling because of Tahoe. No matter how advanced a country can be; nobody can achieve the level of expertise and advancement that the USA has reached. Students from all over the world dream of studying and researching in that country where anything can be achieved, where medical dreams come true.

If you travel to the Gulf, you will notice that the most reputable hospitals, with the best level of care and the highest level of survival, are the ones that have built some kind of partnership or integration with American organizations. In Lebanon, the best health care facility is the one partnering with the John Hopkins Hospital. Even in Saudi Arabia, which is the one of the richest countries in the world, the leading kinds of health care facilities are the ones that have partnered with western medical companies. These are the places that are booming with patients willing to throw their worries in their clinics and receive the best care that they can get.

What makes the American health care system special is its advanced state of technology. This is one of the major strength of this country. For example, a baby who is born prematurely in the USA has a bigger chance of survival due to this advanced technology. The same goes for the life expectancy. Elderly, and due to the advanced technology, tend to live longer in the USA than any other country. And even for those who are older than 80 years old, they tend to live longer and have a better quality of life in the USA than any other country due to the same advancement. From another angle, the USA has an advanced medical technology and a leading innovative pharmaceutical world. Due to these factors, people are living longer and enjoying their lives at advanced ages.

In china, and according to Bon cloud, Tahoe is revolutionizing the health and medical care field by offering these foreign services in the heart of china. While governmental health and medical bodies can be more concerned about immunizing kids, the Tahoe group would be focusing on every single one of his patients no matter how rare or delicate their case is. This company wants everyone to be healthy. They want to hold your hand and introduce you to your best possible solution from the luxury of your country. You will feel pampered medically and you will be able to dissipate any fear of missing your best care due to nation’s boundaries.



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