Prevent Asthma Attacks Once and for All! Know these Golden Rules.

Preventing asthma attacks is one of the primary focus of every person who has asthma. The most important thing you can do, as an asthmatic person, is to control the central and even minor triggers. The main triggers that are in your home are: Dust Mites, Molds, Pollens, Pets, Cockroaches, Household irritants (chemicals used for
cleaning, detergents, smelly soaps, perfumes), Secondhand tobacco smoke (cigarette, cigar, chicha).


Dust mites are one of the leading irritants inducing an asthma attack. To control them in your home, you have to follow these simple yet very effective rules.

A) You need to enclose pillows, mattresses, and box springs with allergen-proof, zippered covers & wash all
bedding in hot water about once a week.

B) Non-carpeted flooring is best. If you cannot get rid of your carpets, then you’d have to vacuum often with a multi-layer, allergen-proof vacuum bag. Wear a mask while cleaning. Products that eliminate dust mites from
carpeting (such as Acarosan) can be bought. Look for HEPA filters when shopping for vacuums.

C) Try to change filters on heaters and air conditioners regularly. Replace heavy, lined curtains or drapes with
washable window coverings. Wash window coverings in hot water. Use plain window shades instead of

D) Dust all often surfaces, including lampshades and windowsills, with a wet cloth. Toys and books should be
stored in enclosed bookshelves, drawers, or closets.

E) Replace traditional stuffed animals with washable stuffed animals. Keep all clothing in drawers and
closets. Keep drawers and cabinets closed.

F) Cover air ducts with filters or cheesecloth. Change these when soiled.

G) Pillows and bedding should not contain feathers.

H) Keep indoor humidity low (25-50%). Use a dehumidifier. When you keep moisture and humidity low at your home, you are preventing mold formation.


A) Air out damp and humid areas frequently. Run a dehumidifier to keep humidity between 25% and 50%.
B) Use air conditioners when possible.
C) Clean bathrooms regularly using products that kill and prevent mold. Use exhaust fans to vent steam when cleaning or taking a shower. Keep your bathroom clean and try to open a window every once in a while. Do not add a carpet to the bathroom. You might want to keep your faucets fixed at all time to avoid any leakage that might lead to mold accumulation.
D) Keep indoor plants out of the bedrooms & living rooms.
E) When painting your walls, add mold-inhibitor to the paint. It will help prevent mold from growing.
F) Avoid sources of outdoor molds, such as wet leaves or garden debris.


A) Avoid using aerosol sprays, paint, and cleaning agents with heavy odors when you are at home. Make
sure your home has proper ventilation. Wear a mask or handkerchief over your mouth when cleaning,
dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, or working in the yard.
B) Do not use perfumes, scented lotions, or other highly scented products that may irritate your lungs.
C) Avoid wood smoke.
D) If you live in an area where air pollution is a problem, limit outdoor activities when the pollution counts
are high.
E) Use an exhaust fan when cooking to remove smoke and odors.


Do not allow your pets in the bedrooms, on the carpets, and on the furniture (couches). They carry pet dander that is a very common asthma trigger. It is true that for most of us, pets are a part of the family, but you have to be careful when you or a family member has asthma.


Stay away from smokers and smoking areas.  Secondhand smoking could even trigger an asthma attack; and, even the debris from the clothing, furniture or drapes of a smoker. can do some damages. So, for those of you who might go outdoors to smoke, thinking that they are getting rid of any second-hand smoking risks, it is not entirely happening. Unfortunately, you will still have some smoke stuck on your clothes and hair, enough to trigger an asthma attack for an asthmatic person. If you are a smoking parent, you might end up having a smoking teen at home. Finally, keep in mind that smoking includes all forms such as cigarettes, cigars, chicha and even vaping!

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