Should you forget about Breastfeeding?

January 30, 2016

From the moment your baby is born, he leans towards you for comfort. Your smell becomes his familiar, your heartbeats his soothing music and your milk his super powerful magic potion. So, breastfeeding comes part of the life cycle of your baby’s first months. There is no post-partum mom who is ‘milkless’! Mothers that claim to have no milk are those who gave up earing that their baby is not getting enough to remain healthy. Please understand, milk comes and goes depending on many factors: your food, your stress level, the frequency of breastfeeding your baby and the quantity he sucks every time. The first few days, your baby will be feeding on colostrum (yellowish, thick and sticky liquid). Colostrum is condensed with lot of nutrients. So, the quantity your baby will take will be little. After these few days, your milk (as we know it) will start kicking in. The more your baby will grow, the more he will need milk & the more milk you will produce.

Recommendations are to exclusively breastfeed your baby until the age of 6 months! After that, you can start complementing milk with few solids. But, how will you keep breastfeeding since maternity leave accounts for 40-45 days?! You have one solution: Pumping! Even if you make the effort to keep coming home for each feeding, chances are your baby will require lots of feedings and you will not be able to manage it!

So, what you need to look for is a good pumping set and a good bottle set. There are several kinds of pumps (manual or electric) and there are so many kinds of bottles. The important thing is for the bottles to be BPA free and reduce the risk of air ingestion during feeding, which will reduce the risk of having a colic baby. From another angle, the tip of the bottle makes a big difference. The more it is shaped like mom’s nipple, the easier it is for the baby to accept it.

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