Safest way to Bathe your baby?

Bathing your baby and picking the right bath products for him are of high importance. Please do not attempt to soak your LO in water mixed with coarse salt. It will irritate your his skin. When picking the shampoo, look for a no-tears product & if your baby has blond hair, it is recommended to have a chamomile rich version of the shampoo.

Bathing can be in a baby tub or sponging on a towel. It depends on how comfortable you are in handling your LO. If you are picking the tub, make sure your arm is stretched around his shoulder and holding firmly his arm (from the opposite side) in a ring. The other hand will be used to apply the soap. There are so many foam or plastic seats to help.

After his bath, dry off the water very well and apply a dash of baby oil, massaging it on the entire body. Massages are very important for babies as they help a good flow of blood and a relaxed set of muscles. A study done in England showed that babies who have been receiving regular body massages were more relaxed, cried less, had lower stress hormones and were more likely to have a better sleep pattern (due to the release of melatonin hormone).

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