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August 31, 2015

“Looking perfect” is part of a woman’s checklist of things to be. From make-up to  hair and skin, beauty care has become part of a daily routine. Every year, dozens of new products appear with new claims and promises. Some of them fix beauty problems to a certain extend while some others are more permanent. But, are they safe? Do they have side effects? The truth is some daily used beauty products have a big warning signs hidden in their ingredients. Here are a few concerns and few advice.

  1. Keratin treatments for straighter hair. Most of these products promise they are formaldehyde free. Surprisingly, a research conducted in the USA found more than half of the brands still containing this carcinogenic ingredient. Its risks depend on how often you are exposed to this ingredient.
  2. Combining a conditioner with a flat iron can give you better frizz-free results than a hair dryer.
  3. Eyelash serum are the hit of the past couple of years. This includes prescription drug Latisse that is applied to the upper line of lashes and within couple of months (up to 4 mnths) you have fuller lashes. Its side effect is that it might darken the skin around your eye or TURN YOUR COLORED EYES INTO BROWN!!!!!
  4. False eyelashes are today’s fashion. Some people wear them on occasions while others have them on a daily basis. Just be extra careful about permanent eyelash tints (permanent dyes) that might lead to  serious injuries including blindness.
  5. Indoor tanning beds are not safe! Studies linked their frequent use to melanoma that is a deadly skin cancer. Also, being based on the emission of UVAs, they lead to premature aging including brown spots and wrinkles. So, to look tanned, you should not be willing to look older and put yourself at high health risks!
  6. Hazards at nail salons include the transmission of fungal and bacterial infections.  Make sure equipments are being sterilized.
  7. Paraben is a carcinogenic. Look for paraben-free cosmetic products.
  8. There is an expiration date for your make-up: Foundation lasts 1 year, blush & powder last 2 years, Lipsticks last 1 year and finally mascara should be thrown after 3 to 4 months.

My advice to you is to keep looking beautiful and perfect but while choosing the right line of products and procedures.

Good Luck!

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